The Adultery Psyop

Why is there adultery in 99% of movies? Also, a sad announcement.

To start, sadly, I have some bad news. Ashley has decided she doesn’t want to do the podcast anymore. I was bummed to hear it, but of course I support whatever she wants. I still love the concept for this podcast, so I’m going to keep it going and see what happens.

My vision, as from the beginning, is just unadorned and uncalculated sharing of everything I think and feel about religion and Christianity and God and my own sinful self, as I try to figure out the truth of how to live correctly.

Today, I want to talk about the insane ubiquity of adultery in Hollywood and Netflix and all mainstream culture. Even where it’s not featured, it’s almost always included somewhere in passing.


One reason is that nobody believes in genuine wholesome love anymore.

Another reason is that marriage and relationships are hard. And self-discipline and ethical cultivation are hard. Many people are constantly struggling with sinful and lustful thoughts, so movies capitalize on this. People find it exhilarating to live this stuff vicariously, and it’s easier to sell sin than to sell compelling stories about defeating sin, or painful stories about the destructive consequences of sin.

Another possible reason is that film executives are often adulterers and divorcees. So normalizing this stuff is a way of alleviating their own guilt and making more people mess up their own lives in a similar fashion. So the media producers feel less ashamed.

What do you think? Write me, tweet at me, or otherwise let me know! I need people and ideas to respond to now that it’s just me. ;-)

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