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Chat for God Resumes!

Due to popular demand, I went looking for a new co-host—and might have found one!

Good News and Bad News

The good news is that my weird Christian explorations will continue! The bad news is I'm not uploading to this podcast anymore. Subscribe to the Other Life podcast, where all my disquisitions will be posted from now on!

Thoughts on Marriage

One of the luckiest accidents of my life was British visa restrictions forcing me & my girlfriend to decide if we were truly in love or just pretending.

God Does Not Exist (Simone Weil, Meister Eckhart, and Thomas Aquinas)

"When God has become as full of significance as the treasure is for the miser, we have to tell ourselves insistently that he does not exist. We must experience the fact that we love him, even if he does not exist." — Simone Weil

The Physicist of the Soul: Simone Weil

T.S. Eliot called her “a kind of genius akin to that of the saints." Simone Weil developed a unique theory of Christianity based on law-like regularities in human experience. This podcast introduces her book Gravity and Grace.

The Christian Psychologist Who Owned Darwin: William James

A deep dive on the OG scientific Christian—incredibly based William James.

Is it good to have kids?

My wife and I started trying to have a baby. I think life is intrinsically good, and therefore it's good to extend this game of life as far as we can. Is it rational? I don't know. Also, Kanye West on abortion, wow.

The Adultery Psyop

Why is there adultery in 99% of movies? Also, a sad announcement.

Sex and Death

Ashley and Justin discuss some questions from fans and: hookup culture, saving yourself for marriage, celibacy, and dying.

The Gates of Heaven

Our first recording of this was too naughty, we had to delete and start over. We discuss anti-mask activists, the music played at the gates of Heaven, and how we might get killed.

The Most Magical Place on Earth

Justin gives a passionate paean to Disney World and Ashley admonishes Justin to be more charitable on the issue of homelessness.

Dens of Iniquity

Ashley and Justin discuss different types of living situations, assessing their degrees of evil and righteousness.

TV is Evil: Dawson's Creek and Saved by the Bell

Deep dive into two satanic Hollywood psyops: Dawson's Creek and Saved by the Bell. Where is Screech now? We find out. How Zach Morris almost RUINED Justin's life.

God Stans You (Tinder for Christians)

We discuss internet fandoms and parasocial relationships; Ashley explains how God understands everything; we discuss whether the industrial revolution has been a disaster for the human race; and we create a new dating app for Christians.

God the Creator

Did God really create the universe? Justin reports another religious epiphany and Ashley tells cool stories from the Books of Deuteronomy and Job.

Is Justin Gay?

Justin shares a religious epiphany; Ashley investigates if Justin is gay.

Is Ashley Gay?

Justin analyzes Ashley's Instagram and awkwardly asks about Ashley's gender and sexual orientation.

Quitting Sex Work: Ashley TELLS ALL

In this darkly humorous episode, Ashley explains what it was like doing sex work.

Is Podcasting Satanic?

On the Internet-to-Satanism pipeline and Ashley's departure from the Girls Chat podcast.

How We Found God (Retardedness is Next to Godliness)

Ashley and Justin tell their stories about finding God (very differently).

Chat for God Trailer

A different kind of Christian podcast

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