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Nietzsche, Antichrist?

Nietzsche's view of Christianity is not what you think.


It's not necessarily a bad thing.


We talk about power, history, and the Christian work ethic.

The Need for Roots

We discuss Simone Weil's book The Need for Roots


We discuss Joel Osteen's evangelical megachurch, sex before marriage, and whether it's cool to have a Pope.

Chat for God Resumes!

Due to popular demand, I went looking for a new co-host—and might have found one!

Good News and Bad News

The good news is that my weird Christian explorations will continue! The bad news is I'm not uploading to this podcast anymore. Subscribe to the Other Life podcast, wh...

Thoughts on Marriage

One of the luckiest accidents of my life was British visa restrictions forcing me & my girlfriend to decide if we were truly in love or just pretending.

God Does Not Exist (Simone Weil, Meister Eckhart, and Thomas Aquinas)

"When God has become as full of significance as the treasure is for the miser, we have to tell ourselves insistently that he does not exist. We must experience the fact...

The Physicist of the Soul: Simone Weil

T.S. Eliot called her “a kind of genius akin to that of the saints." Simone Weil developed a unique theory of Christianity based on law-like regularities in human expe...

The Christian Psychologist Who Owned Darwin: William James

A deep dive on the OG scientific Christian—incredibly based William James.

Is it good to have kids?

My wife and I started trying to have a baby. I think life is intrinsically good, and therefore it's good to extend this game of life as far as we can. Is it rational? ...

The Adultery Psyop

Why is there adultery in 99% of movies?

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